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 What is a mechanical lug?

mechanical lug

A mechanical lug is a heavy-duty lug often used in electrical and construction applications. It’s designed to accommodate a wide range of connectors. Also referred to as “electrical lugs,” mechanical lugs are used for larger wires and cables. They’re often constructed from aluminium or copper.

The SAL Series of mechanical lugs carried by Greaves are available in a wide range of sizes and fashioned from high-strength extruded aluminium alloy. They’re also electro-tin plated and come with slotted screws for easy installation.

Download our PDF for our Aluminium Dual Rated -A-,AQ

What is a terminal lug?


terminal lugTerminal Lugs are designed to permit connection to a terminal. They can often be easily mounted to any post, stud or chassis and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the right one for your electrical application.

Greaves carries several different types of high-quality terminal lugs, including:


  • Copper Tang & Collar Lugs: Our copper tang and collar lugs are compact and economical. They’re made with electrolytic copper and offer a variety of bolt sizes and AMP ratings. We also carry the D700 series with both one and two-wire options. 
  • Copper Straight Tang Lugs: The copper straight tang lugs available from Greaves are highly-conductive and come with plated steel screws to ensure an easy installation. 
  • Bull Dog™ Lugs: Our Bull •Dog™ Lugs are constructed out of heavy-duty copper or copper alloy bronze, making them extremely efficient and conductive. We stock Bull •Dog™ Lugs in both single barrel, twin barrel and triple barrel models.
    Download our PDF for our Copper/Bronze D700, D800, DX

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Since 1947, Greaves has been a trusted supplier of electrical connectors to the electrical construction trades. We carry all of our products in bulk, so place your order by contacting us today!

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