Introducing the Revolutionary SNAP! Connectors.

Greaves has just re-invented the compression connector, and electrical contracting just became far easier. For many years, electrical contractors have had to use conventional compression connectors whenever making reliable wiring connections. These required specialized gear like heavy hydraulic crimpers, making wiring unnecessarily difficult and cumbersome. The need to crimp conventional compression connectors could substantially slow down a project, or even bring it to a halt if the proper tools weren’t available or working properly.

Greaves has the solution, a radically different design for compression connectors. It’s easier and faster to install while delivering results that are just as reliable as the old conventional connectors. The only tools you need are standard open-end or adjustable wrenches.


GBK4-4 Intersystem Bonding Bar Kit from Greaves Combines high quality, weather-capable materials at a very competitive price. A great value from Greaves !


Electricians like Ground-Lok for versatile adapters and convenience, you have many possibilities with just a few components! 4 adapters mate with 4 clamp sizes for wire up to #4/0 or conduit up to 1” and pipe up to 6” IPS. That’s versatility!


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