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Introducing the Revolutionary SNAP! Connectors



Greaves has re-invented the compression connector, and electrical contracting just became far easier.

For many years, electrical contractors have had to use conventional compression connectors whenever making reliable wiring connections.  These required specialized gear like heavy hydraulic crimpers, making wiring difficult and cumbersome.  The need to crimp conventional compression connectors could substantially slow down a project, or even bring it to a halt if the proper tools weren’t available or working properly.

Greaves has the solution, a new design for compression connectors. It’s easier and faster to install while delivering results that are just as reliable as the old conventional connectors.  The only tools you need are standard open-end or adjustable wrenches.

You might say it makes wiring a SNAP!

How SNAP! Connectors Work

Our radical re-design has two distinct elements. The body of the SNAP! connector is made of tin-plated copper with a tapered and threaded entry.  This entry also features cut-out windows along the body.  Over that is a brass snap-off nut with heavy-wall sleeve which is tapered to match the body.


introducing the revolutionary snap connectors

So, utilizing a SNAP! connector truly could not be easier.

  1. You strip and insert the wire.
  2. You begin to tighten the nut. This screws inwards, uniformly compressing the body.
  3. After several turns of increasing tightness, the SNAP! connector reaches optimal compression, the nut snaps off, leaving the heavy-wall sleeve in place in the body – and you know you’re done.  The wire is locked down just as tightly as if you were using a conventional compression connector.

That’s truly all there is to it.


The Many Benefits Of SNAP! Connectors

SNAP! connectors are not merely as good as conventional compression connectors – they’re better.  They bring substantial benefits making them a must-have for modern electrical contractors.

  1. Superior pull-out strength

The design of SNAP connectors means that you get perfect and even contact along the length and around the circumference of the wire, every time.

introducing the revolutionary snap connectors

Likewise, pull-out strength is as good or better than previous solutions on the market. We engineered the snap-off nuts to detach only when the connection has exceeded the UL torque requirements for a given size of cable. They have been fully UL-tested and listed: certificate number 20190122, file E28698.  Most sizes of SNAP! connector resist a thousand pounds of pull-out force to remove the wire!


Here are the details


This guarantees your work will always be sturdy and reliable. SNAP! is the simple way to make sure customers are always satisfied with your connections!

2. Improved conductivity 

SNAP! doesn’t merely improve the strength of your wiring connections – it improves conductivity as well. The walls of the remaining sleeve are heavier than conventional compression connectors.  Combined with the perfectly even distribution of compression, you get an improved connection all around that will maintain full conductivity.

3. Rapid installation

Time is money, and conventional compression connectors take a lot of time to install. The required specialized crimpers and dies only adds to the time, expense and potential delays – particularly if you lack the correct dies, or the hydraulic tool leaks and needs repair.

But with SNAP! all you need is standard open-end or adjustable wrenches.

This translates to faster and more efficient wiring installation, and that means money saved. Also, the foolproof design of SNAP! connectors means that there’s never any question about whether you’ve achieved a strong connection. Just tighten until the nut snaps off. It couldn’t be easier.


Here is the installation instruction


  1. Easy visual inspection 

SNAP! connectors aren’t merely engineered to create great wiring connections; they’re also designed to be user-friendly. Those window slots in the sleeve body allow a technician or inspector to visually verify proper wire insertion before beginning the compression process.  Then, of course, the snap-off nut leaves no doubt that the connection process has been completed.  This benefits the installation technician, as well as inspection afterward.

At every stage in the process, SNAP! connectors save you time, reduce the chance of errors, and result in better long-term results.

Your Options When Buying SNAP! Connectors

We offer a wide variety of SNAP! connectors, to ensure there are options to fit every common situation and need, with compatibility with standard Class B copper wires. The sizes available include:

  • #2AWG 
  • #1/0AWG 
  • #2/0AWG 
  • #3/0AWG 
  • #4/0AWG 
  • 250MCM
  • 350MCM
  • 500MCM

These are available as either one-hole lugs (series KTL) or two-hole NEMA lugs (series KTL-N). In addition, our KTC series allows easy in-line splicing. All of these are UL listed at 600V and suitable for applications up to 35KV when installed and insulated properly.

For specifics on sizes, dimensions, and strip length, please download our detailed PDF table.

DOWNLOAD PDF Greaves 2020 catalog pg20 SNAP Connectors

Add Value to Your SNAP! Connectors with Insulating SNAP+ Kits

introducing the revolutionary snap connectors

Do you need to insulate SNAP! lugs or splices? We have you covered with our SNAP+ Kits. These include a SNAP! connector, along with easy-to-use cold-shrink insulation in a single convenient kit. Just like the SNAP! connectors themselves, these kits require no special tools or expertise.  All you do is position the insulating sleeve and pull the ripcord. The SNAP+ insulating sleeve does all the rest.

These sleeves are made of heavy-duty EPDM rubber. They provide superior insulation and abrasion resistance. Also, the EPDM rubber is resistant to UV, ozone, and water – making them appropriate for use in many difficult or outdoor use cases.

Plus, as with SNAP! connectors, SNAP+ insulation still allows for easy inspection. Because they conform perfectly to the shape of the connector, it is visually obvious that the SNAP! nut has been snapped off and the proper torque has been applied, due to the absence of the nut.

We intend SNAP! products to become the new standard in wiring connectors, and SNAP+ Kits are part of how we’ll make this happen!


introducing the revolutionary snap connectors         introducing the revolutionary snap connectors

DOWNLOAD PDF Greaves 2020 catalog pg21 SNAP+

Greaves Has Your Connector Solutions

Greaves was founded in 1947 to provide the best electrical connectors to the construction trade.  Over the years, we have been pioneers and inventors.  We’ve contributed innovations such as USA insulated power distribution blocks, PT-FX Shoo-Pins, Jones rebar clamps, and FX compression lugs… just to name a few of our success stories.

Our new SNAP! connectors and SNAP+ Kits are our latest innovation, and we’re proud to offer them now for electrical contractors. To learn more about how SNAP! will improve your work, Contact us.



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