When you’re doing electrical construction work and a cable doesn’t fit, you need a solution – fast!  That’s when to call in Greaves. We’re a top provider of cable adapters, splicers, and reducers.  Our products help you deal with specification changes, mismatched cables and lugs, new equipment installation, and much more.

The Greaves Adapter Zone features multiple lines of adapters and reducers to fit many electrical construction needs, including:

Flex Copper Cables — Shoo-In Lugs and Shoo-Pin Adapters


Installing proper connections on flexible, high-strand cables, that are reliable, can be a major challenge — and we have the adapters to solve this challenge properly and quickly. We have PT-FX Shoo-In flex cable lugs designed for connecting with a wide variety of flexible cables of various styles and classes.

For help choosing the right size connector for your needs, click the link below for a detailed Sizing Chart.

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To land a flex cable into a set-screw type lug, choose our PT-FX Shoo-Pin all-copper compression adapters.  They are perfect for use on all flex cable installations, such as locomotives, trucks, marine applications, robotic machinery, wind power systems, and more.  Our unique flared barrel opening makes it easy to install all those fine strands that blossom when cut, while creating a safe stable connection. Shoo-Pin adapters are fabricated of wrought copper with a pin of Class B stranded copper.  Insulating covers are included.

Download our PDF for Flex Copper Cables – Page 31


Copper Class B — ReduceR Adapters

Do you need to step down copper Class B cables where oversized cable was run to decrease voltage drop on long runs? Greaves PT-R ReduceR adapters come in numerous barrel sizes and pin sizes, for installation with standard U-type dies, to ensure you have options to fit every scenario. Our ReduceR step-down adapters offer a narrow barrel profile to allow fitting where wires are close together on C/B ports or mechanical set-screw type connectors. ReduceR adapters are fabricated of wrought copper with a pin of Class B stranded copper. Insulating covers are included.

Download our PDF for Copper Class B


Aluminum Cable — Dual-Rated Splicers and Reducers

 Splicing aluminum and copper wires together can be tricky unless you have Greaves dual-rated aluminum cable splicers.  You can easily transition from aluminum to an equal or smaller copper wire, or transition to a copper flex cable.  Splicing aluminum-to-aluminum wire is also accommodated.

All of our AC-R Aluminum compression splicers are pre-filled with oxide-inhibitor to prevent oxidation of the aluminum surfaces, and capped to keep the barrel clean.

Download our PDF for Aluminum Cable


Trust Greaves for Your Adapters and Reducers

Since 1947, electrical construction companies across America have trusted Greaves for the best in connectors, reducers, and adapters.  Over the years, we’ve introduced numerous innovations to the industry, with US manufacturing in-house.  We keep our products in inventory to fill orders quickly.   Contact your local electrical distributor, your local Greaves representative, or the factory by phone or email.

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