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See the 2010 Catalog in the PRODUCT CATALOG section, and the new FAQ section.

As a veteran US manufacturer, GREAVES manufactures in the USA and GREAVES has supplied connectors to the electrical industry since 1947. Distributors applaud GREAVES for excellent service, same-day shipments, and many innovations:

  • Adapter Zone When the cable doesn't fit, go to the Greaves Adapter Zone... then proceed thru a design process.
  • Ground-Lok™ grounding clamps with serrated-head wire clamps (page 72-73)
  • Jones Bond™ rebar clamps for Ufer grounding and pool bonding (page 78-79)
  • Shoo-pin™ Lugs and Shoo-Pin™ Adapters for high-strand flex cable (page 29)
  • ReduceR™ Adapters for reduction of oversized cable (page 27)
  • USA and USAD insulated connectors with precision molded insulation (page 56-61)
  • PBS In-Line Splice in unique #2 wire size (page 56)
  • TREGO Substation Connectors many types, bronze or aluminum, quick delivery.

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 PT-FX Shoo-Pin and PT-R ReduceR Adapters Now UL Listed