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About a dozen year ago, the topic of pool bonding (including the rebar of a concrete pool shell) was new and much-discussed.  For personnel safety, codes began to call for bonding of all metal parts in the pool environment to create an equipotential voltage plane. Then there was mistaken use of terminals which were not adequate for the environment.  Copper terminals (with the lay-in configuration as well as the tang-and-collar type) with zinc-plated mild steel screws were mistakenly used; those screw materials have exhibited corrosion over the years. (more…)

P & C Sales serves the state of Oklahoma with Greaves electrical connectors for the construction and maintenance markets by supplying Greaves electrical products to electrical distributors in Oklahoma.  With extensive warehousing facilities and sales staff, P & C is well equipped to serve electrical distributors and their contractors.  Immediate pick-up or local and state-wide delivery speeds availability.  P & C Sales is located at 8180 Bourbon Street, Oklahoma City, OK, and can be reached by phone at 405-789-3014 or by email at (more…)

The beauty of the American living scape is that we can show off the aesthetics of what we want to see on the outside while hiding away the unsightly but necessary guts underground or behind the façade. (more…)